Traffic Violation, Speeding Ticket, DUI or a Drug Charge Defense


Pennsylvania Traffic Violations Lawyer

A routine traffic stop is often the precursor to more serious allegations by a Pennsylvania police officer, such as a DUI, drug charge or a weapons charge. If an officer has reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle, your actions may provide the basis for searching the car, seizing any illegal items in the car and booking you for more serious crime than a mere traffic stop.

Whether you were speeding, ran a red light or were charged with a more serious crime because of a routine traffic stop, the criminal defense lawyers at Foreman & Caraciolo can help. Contact a Harrisburg traffic violations attorneys today.

Defending Against Traffic Violations

While you may think it’s easier to pay your traffic ticket than fight the violation, there are many unintended consequences that result from a traffic citation. Paying the ticket is like entering a guilty plea for the violation. As a result, points may be assessed under the Pennsylvania Point System, a suspension of your operator’s ticket may apply, and additional crimes may be charged. You may find that paying a ticket causes you to gain too many points, and you lose your license. Reckless driving, for example, is much more costly than speeding points, but enough points and you will lose your license.

We take your traffic violations and speeding ticket defense seriously. It is important that you do the same. When you ask us to handle your defense, we research the case, interview witnesses and go to the scene of the traffic stop. We take your speeding ticket defense seriously because of the severity of the related consequences.

Challenge the Officer’s Reasonable Suspicion to Stop

To prepare a strong defense on your behalf, we aggressively evaluate whether your stop was based on a reasonable suspicion. In Pennsylvania, an officer must have reasonable suspicion of illegal activity to stop you. As part of our case work, we can request the film from the officer’s car. If the tape shows that the officer did not have reasonable suspicion to stop your car, we can challenge the stop as well as any evidence seized during the stop.

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