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When you are getting a divorce, financial concerns likely weigh heavy on your mind. How do I pay for necessities while the divorce is pending? How do I maintain my standard of living with only one income? Who has to make the house payments after divorce? All of these questions are important to your decision of whether or not to file for divorce.

The divorce lawyers at the law firm of Foreman & Caraciolo in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, understand your worries during divorce. They inform you of your options surrounding spousal support so that you can make the decision that best suits your needs. Contact Harrisburg spousal support attorneys today.

Alimony Pending Litigation

Generally, spousal support is the money given by one spouse to the other while the divorce is pending. The financial support provides the basis to maintain the status quo during divorce. Alimony, on the other hand, is spousal maintenance provided after divorce. At Foreman & Caraciolo, we assist with all of your divorce issues, including spousal support and alimony.

In addition to spousal support or alimony awarded after a divorce, you may also need to consider issues of alimony pendente lite or APL which may be necessary to allow your divorce to proceed. If you or your spouse files for divorce, the court will want to ensure that both parties have sufficient financial support while the divorce case is pending. If one spouse is financially dependent on the other, the court may award alimony pendente lite, or temporary alimony, until the divorce and spousal support issues are finally settled.

Harrisburg Spousal Support Lawyers

In a divorce, the resources that were previously used to support one household must now be divided to support two. Divorcing spouses can feel financially strapped. Because of this, spousal support is awarded in some Pennsylvania divorces under certain circumstances. As responsive and aggressive lawyers, we represent our clients’ best interests in spousal support matters.

Whether your situation warrants a request for APL or you seek spousal support while your divorce is pending, our attorneys will aggressively protect your divorce rights. Even though spousal support is based on a general spousal support calculator, the court has the discretion to alter the award amount. That is where we come in and advocate on your behalf.

If you need to modify an order for spousal support or APL because of changed circumstances, we can help. We will file a request for modification, petition the court for the modification and advocate for you.

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