Our Clients at FC Law

We’re proud that our law practice is built on responsive, aggressive and caring representation of our clients, many of whom become our friends. Most of our clients are individuals, small businesses and organizations in our community, and in the past decades we’ve represented:

  • thousands of individuals and families
  • small businesses including restaurants, taverns, printing shops, auto sales and service stations, retail businesses and distributors
  • manufacturers, communication providers, health organizations
  • professional practices including health providers, accountants, attorneys, lobbyists, engineers, counselors and other practitioners
  • teachers, educational providers and organizations
  • banks, including both federally and state chartered institutions
  • credit unions, collection agencies and other financial institutions
  • realtors, appraisers, commercial financiers, buyers and sellers
  • landlords and tenants
  • employers, employer organizations
  • employees, labor unions, and other employee organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations, religious groups, scholarship funds and community groups
  • Commercial and residential developers
  • Governments, including county and municipal governments
  • Zoning boards, municipal authorities, tourism groups, industrial development organizations, special purpose district boards
  • School boards, sewer systems, planning agencies, citizen groups
  • Political organizations, committees, campaigns and candidates
  • Estates and trusts (as court appointed guardian)
  • Corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors, unincorporated associations
  • Condo and neighborhood associations
  • Injured people, disabled and special need clients, retirees

We pledge to every client: representation with care and concern, aggressive attention to your case, and prompt response to your calls. We respect and care about our clients.