Harrisburg Business Family Law Mediation Attorney

FC is one of the few Family Law firms in central Pennsylvania that also offers our clients collaborative options for the resolution of family and other disputes. We have used this expertise in successfully resolving family law issues, including cases involving divorce, separation, equitable distribution, custody, parent/child and sibling problems, support and visitation including the use of mediation. We have also successfully mediated employment, labor, business disputes, consumer complaint cases, damage claims and neighborhood issues.

Mediation is a process in which an impartial mediator or mediators help people in a dispute to think through their issues and needs and communicate with other parties to the dispute. A trained impartial mediator helps facilitate each person in the dispute in reaching their own decisions about what to do and how they might resolve the conflict in a mutually acceptable manner. If mediation might interest you, feel free to contact us about our mediation services.

Clients for our mediation services have included government agencies; small businesses; husbands, wives and families; nonprofits; neighbors and others. In our mediation practice, more than 80% of cases brought to mediation have been resolved by agreement. Mediation is not a process suited for all disputes or all parties, but in appropriate cases and with motivated parties, mediation can offer an alternative collaborative process for reaching decisions that allows each party to be heard and to be an essential part of the decision making process.


  • Family law issues and disputes of all kinds
  • Landlord/tenant disagreements
  • Business and consumer conflicts
  • Civil and “small claims” cases
  • Harassment and interpersonal conflicts
  • Any matter with willing parties open to collaboration and mediation

If you want to discuss mediation, feel free to call us and talk to us about mediation.