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Alimony and spousal support are easily confused for one another. Alimony is the amount of spousal maintenance provided after divorce is final from one spouse to another. Alimony can be granted for an indefinite period of time. Spousal support, on the other hand, is an amount of money given by one spouse to the other while the divorce is pending.

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Factor-based Determination of Your Alimony Award

Pennsylvania family courts use 14 factors to determine the amount of alimony to grant in the divorce order, including:

  • Reasonable needs and ability to provide support
  • Net income
  • Child support schedule
  • Self-support reserve
  • Shared custody

The family court master in charge of your divorce has broad discretion to place weight on any of the 14 alimony factors. Some clients have even bypassed the court’s power by determining the amount of alimony during negotiations with the other spouse. If the parties can agree on the amount of alimony before the issue goes to court, the amount is part of the settlement agreement.

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