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New Law to Benefit Veterans

Congress recently passed a new law, The Honoring America’s Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejuene Families Act of 2012.  This law will go into effect 180 days after it is signed by the President and contains provisions that will prohibit protests at military funerals, help veterans in their disability claims process, and impose a review process for VA employees. (more…)

VA Disability Benefits and Marital Property

Recently, the Superior Court, in Goodemote v. Goodemote, addressed the issue of whether VA disability benefits are considered marital property to be subject to equitable distribution during a divorce. (more…)

Child Custody and Active Duty Military

Last month Governor Tom Corbett signed a new law which will go into effect in June.  This law imposes many military-friendly changes, including a provision which will prohibit custody arrangements from being altered while an active-duty military service member is deployed overseas. (more…)